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What is Calisthenics?


Calisthenics is a training style which, mostly requires your bodyweight to workout.


Benefits of Calisthenics Workout


  • Muscle Development: Increasing your muscle mass IS very achievable with the proper workouts and nutrition.


  • Fat Loss: With the intensity of the workouts, you will burn fat very fast. Make sure you also follow a good diet .


  • Strength Gains: Working out obviously means strength gains. It takes time, but with consistency, anyone can gain strength.


  • Flexibility: If you follow the exercises, your flexibility will dramatically increase because you only use your body as a tool. Also, the wide variety of the movements helps you to have a better control over your body.


  • Cheap cheap cheap!: Well, this is obvious… NO more gym membership!


With the various benefits of calisthenics workout, it would be insane not to give it a shot! At least, try it for a couple of weeks.

Calisthenics is MORE then just training… It’s a lifestyle.

To perform at your best you must eat according to your goals.

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There is always more you can do for your body to be healthier. Macronutrients and micronutrients are the energy to keep you alive, along with water.

Supplements make sure you have all your needs during the day.

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Sometimes it’s fun to trick our daily calisthenics workout. Shock your body with a different training intensity.

Try using some equipments to increase your training difficulty.

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If you start calisthenics to lose weight, that’s a good idea! Losing weight should not be a hard task to do.

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Have a vision of a better YOU. To remove the bad habits, you have to acquire better ones. Calisthenics is an awesome training style for anyone. Beginners, young, old, women, advanced, everyone is welcomed.

We all wants to be the greatest version of ourselves. The physical appearance has it’s role in the game. Being in shape is showing everyone that you have great qualities such as dedication, hard work, self-discipline and much more.